Medical tourism

India is today a leading healthcare destination. The availability of highly qualified medical professionals with the super specialisations and multi-specialty hospitals with world class infrastructure has encouraged health tourism in the country. Compared to health costs in the West, medical attention in India is inexpensive, costing as low as one-fifth or one-sixth abroad. Even after factoring in travel costs, the savings are substantial. Equally importantly, there are no long queues and delays in scheduling appointments. Getting an appointment with a leading specialist is far easier and quicker than it is in the West. An estimated 150,000 people travel to India every year for treatment.

The following are some of the major advantages to availing of treatment in India:
State of the art, internationally accredited facilities
Highly qualified doctors
Specialised surgeries performed routinely and successfully
World class implants and consumables
No long waiting lists
Cost effectiveness
No language barrier


Krishna Hospital is situated in Kerala, a state popularly known as God’s own country. Kerala consistently ranks high on development indices, performing well in the health care, social welfare and education sectors. The state has a low birth rate and a low death rate, comparable to developed nations. The people of Kerala are well-informed, articulate and aware. Kerala is a top destination for health care in India because of its emphasis on higher education, dedication to quality and its transparent processes.
Kerala is also renowned as a tourist destination, having been named one of the “50 must see destinations in a lifetime” by National Geographic Traveller. It is famed for its pristine beaches, its backwaters, its bio-diversity and its rich culture.


Like much of Kerala, Kasargod, its northernmost district, also hugs the coast. The proximity to the sea has resulted in the rise of a sea-faring, fishing populace. In ancient times, Kasargod was a trading centre, playing host to Arab merchants.
11 beautiful rivers bisect this district, meandering through its green valleys: running past acres of coconut groves; emptying out into the Arabian Sea. Kasargod is one of Kerala’s most unspoilt areas, largely undiscovered by noisy holiday makers. Abounding with hills, beaches, forts and shrines, it is a destination with much to offer. Must-sees are the breath - taking historic Fort Bekal by the sea, the serene Valiyaparamba backwaters, the ancient temples at Ananthapura Lake and Mallikarjuna, and the hilly reaches of Ranipuram or Kottancheri.
Like elsewhere in Kerala, facilities are top-notch and within easy reach.

A forty acre fort erected circa 1650 AD, Bekal, by the sea is awe-inspiring, both by virtue of its man-made majesty and its breathtaking locale. Within the fort are a massive water tank, a deep tunnel, an ammunitions magazine and an observation tower. Strategically located, the fort is believed to have played a significant role as a strong defensive rampart.
The sheer beauty of the Arabian Sea breaking against the tall towers of Bekal draws hundreds of visitors every year. A visit to Bekal is a must for anyone who comes to Kasargod. Krishna Hospital has strategic tie ups with two leading resorts in the area and can arrange for your stay in these little paradises, when you come to avail of treatment. It’s the perfect way to club treatment with pleasure.

Vivanta by Taj, Bekal
This beautiful property by the beach pays homage to Kerala culture, while admitting Balinese influences. With backwaters nearby, and little water inlets crisscrossing the green expanses of this retreat, beauty is not in short supply. The villas and rooms are inspired by the Kerala houseboat or Kettuvallam, featuring laterite details and Pothi art. Latitude, the multicuisine restaurant, and Jiva spa, the famed spa chain further enhance your stay. The resort also offers opportunities for private dining in special spots.

The Lalit Resort and Spa, Bekal
A 5 star spa resort, surrounded on three sides by water, and bisected within by little streams, The Lalit is a peaceful oasis of calm. Luxuriously appointed rooms with contemporary décor invite you to savour their plush comforts, while a state-of-the-art spa pampers you. The Nombili restaurant offers you an array of choice delicacies, in particular. The Lalit’s Signature Sea Food Dinner which has a sumptuous seafood platter consisting of only the best local and imported seafoods. For a truly spectacular culinary experience, guests can try out seaside dining, where dinner is served by the sea, under a private tent or even by the pool. .


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