The hospital offers:

Operation Theatre with Laminar Air Flow with Hepa Filters
First computerised radiography X Ray in Kasaragod to facilitate better quality X Rays and documentation.
Cutting edge diagnostic equipment such as fully computerised and fully automated laboratory with fully automated biochemistry and semiautomated biochemistry analyser, fully automated cell counter, fully automated hormone analyser, ESR analyser, nycocard reader etc. Specialised hormone tests are carried out at the lab eliminating the need to outsource to other labs and delay. The lab participates in external quality assurance programme and also daily quality control programme. The lab is also referral centre for other hospital and clinics which require specialised hormone tests.
Radiance Laser Skin Clinic: The first dermatology and specialised cosmetology skin clinic in the district, it is well equipped with USA FDA approved ALMA HARMONY XL PLATFORM. The clinic is equipped with laser hair removal equipment, erbium yag laser, ND YAD laser, radio cautery, electro cautery, etc. Other cosmetology procedures like chemical peeling, Botox treatment, dermal fillers etc are also done.
Health check up packages: For patients’ convenience, the hospital offers customised health packages. These target different needs and age groups. Some of the packages include specialised hormone tests,  echocardiography, treadmill test, spirometry etc.
Casualty and Trauma Department: Open 24 hours, with expert doctors and surgeons available for emergency consultation and treatment. The department has its own minor OT attached to it.
Ambulance: Ambulance services are available on call.

Operation Theatre

Surgeries these days are highly specialised and capable of making a real difference to a patient’s health. The environment the surgery is conducted in, particularly the cleanliness of the theatre plays a decisive role, just as much sterilisation of the staff and instruments.
For the wellbeing of our patients, we have invested in a LAMINAR FLOW OPERATION THEATRE. Over and above this, our OTs are equipped with HEPA Filters which provide the operating environment with the purest, filtered air, guaranteeing the highest levels of air sterility. A sterile environment is crucial to patient safety as it minimises chances of infection from bacteria or virus present in the air. According to international norms, a HEPA filter has to eliminate 99.97% of all particles greater than 0.3 micrometer from the air that passes through it. This technology is still relatively uncommon today.
This is the only Operation Theatre in North Malabar to be so equipped. Our OTs support a dedicated surgical team, who routinely perform major orthopaedic procedures such as hip and knee replacements, spine surgeries, arthroscopy surgeries, advanced laparoscopic surgeries, hernia repairs, appendicitis, cholecystectomies and more. As a testament to our commitment to providing our patients only the very best, the Operation Theatre is also equipped with Siemens C Arm , Stryker Saw and Drill System, Stryker Arthroscopy and Laparoscopy Equipments, Zimmer A.T.S. ® 3000 Automatic Tourniquet System , Anaesthesia Workstation and Ventilator.


Physiotherapy plays an important role in the recovery and well-being of our patients, and we have a full-fledged division employing a team of trained physiotherapists, armed with the finest equipment.
Some of the state-of-the-art equipment includes ultrasound massage, shortwave diathermy, traction, shoulder wheel, exercise cycle etc.
Physiotherapy is crucial for the correction of impairments and disabilities. Depending on each patient’s individual condition, it helps to improve movement and function of affected areas and thus quality of life. Ultrasound therapy is beneficial for tendon , ligament and muscle injuries. It helps to reduce swelling and oedema. This therapy works through a heating and massaging effect. It increases blood flow in the treated area and gently massages the region to stimulate better recovery. Shortwave diathermy is an electrowave therapy method. Its main benefit is that it heats up the affected area and is very effective against degeneration, inflammations, sprains, pain etc.
The Physiotherapy department caters to both outpatients and inpatients.


A well-stocked pharmacy overseen by qualified staff operates round-the-clock. Medicines routinely prescribed in the hospital are available in the pharmacy itself


The hospital is affiliated to many leading third party administrators. Patients can easily avail of cashless facility or process claims. Needless to say, insurances will be disbursed only at the discretion of the insurance companies. Pre-insurance check-ups required by various insurance companies are also conducted here.

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